So, just so we have another entry to which we can all respond and I don't remember it being talked about in the guild:

When did you join APG? (No need for exact dates unless you can totally recall it or something.)

I joined in fall of 2005. Someone invited me and the first thing I saw upon entering the guild forum was some wank going on about a comic that someone found offensive and it was taking up most of the guild conversation. I was quite scared to be honest. xD


Okay, so I've had a question about if I'm wanting everyone to make an introduction post, so here's what I've decided:


So, here's what I'm looking for in an introduction:
1. Gaia username
2. One sentence about you.
3. Can we friend you? (yes/no; do you have a friends only post where we need to comment?)

I'll comment this post first to show give an example. If you've already made an introduction post to the community, I would like you to comment on this one as well. (I'm not going to delete them either because I think that's rude and they aren't breaking/pushing the rules/guidelines at the time they were posted.)

Hopefully this isn't too confusing. Thanks guys.

Rose here!

Hey all! Sorry I haven't made my intro post yet; real life and fandom have been taking me away from things. Anyway, this is Rose. Nice to see you.

I was worried people weren't going to join when people started telling me they don't go on LJ enough to join or something. WELL JOIN ANYWAY! This is a fun way to keep in touch and can be used to start discussions when guilds/gaia is down.


Is it supposed to be so empty here? xD I know, not the same as the guild. The myspace group is a failure too lol.
But I thought I'd better post and let you all know this is BASS DRIVE/Butterflyz Spirit.
I hope you're all good :]
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