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So, just so we have another entry to which we can all respond and I don't remember it being talked about in the guild:

When did you join APG? (No need for exact dates unless you can totally recall it or something.)

I joined in fall of 2005. Someone invited me and the first thing I saw upon entering the guild forum was some wank going on about a comic that someone found offensive and it was taking up most of the guild conversation. I was quite scared to be honest. xD
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Haha, I joined in July 05. I remember a load of people who aren't there now (one or two I'm glad are gone tbh) I was invited the day after I joined Gaia, so...wow, 2 and a half years give or take 0:
I'd known of Gaia and the APG through Kira for quite a while- she'd complain to me about the suckerfishes starting shit from time to time. I joined randomly around the Halloween event of 06, because I was bored and I had nothing else to do that morning.
I want to say I joined around Halloween '05, but I don't remember when I did exactly except it was in the fall. I'd only been on the site since that May. I don't remember who invited me to join either or how they found me or even if I found the guild on my own...;;
o ___ o You know. I don't really remember.

*thinks really hard for a moment*

= 3 = *brain dead* I think it was back in the later months of '05, begining of '06? I requested to join.

8D Yeah, I think that's it.

But I love that guild dearly, it's one of the main (-probably only)reason(s) I stay on Gaia. *nods*
I got invited randomly in like June or July of 2005... and it was really awkward at first, but I met lots of friends. x3 I'd only been on Gaia for a few weeks at most. I think the only other guild I was in was a Teen Titans guild... which I began avoiding like the plague because there were CONSTANT flame wars. D: